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MissingSchool continues to make formal submissions on keeping sick kids connected to their schools


  • NSW Enquiry into Home Schooling: Submitted by email on 7 August 2014, noting exclusion of home-schooled students from hospital education programs. On 13 July 2015 we received a response to the enquiry advising that the Department's Disability, Learning and Support area “will lead a review to reaffirm procedures in department hospital schools to ensure that all compulsory school aged in-patient students have access to hospital school programs”.
  • ACT Enquiry into Students with Complex Needs and Challenging Behaviours: Submitted on 31 July 2015. MissingSchool attended findings presentation on 18 November, 2015.
  • Acknowledgement of personal submissions by MissingSchool parents to the Disability Standards in Education Review. Notification on 03/12/2015.
  • Emails and letters sent to Commonwealth, State and Territory political leaders and those with responsibility for education and health matters. This correspondence outlined the issues facing kids who miss non-negligible amounts of school because of serious illness, and attached the report, School connection for seriously sick kids: who are they, how do we know what works, and whose job is it? 12 October – early December 2015.
  • Standing Committee on Education and Employment: Current levels of access and attainment for students with disabilities in the school system, and the impact on students’ families associated with inadequate levels of support. Submitted on 22 October 2015.
  • Submitted to ACT Students with Disability Resource Allocation Review in November 2016
  • Review to achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools in November 2017
  • ACT Future of Education Submission in February 2018